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Sit in your own mat or blanket with legs extended in front of you. You used to want to rip your husband’s clothing off. Bend at one knee, bringing the heel towards your pelvis. Now?

Not so much. Rush the sole of the foot from the other thigh. In case you’ve been suffering from "honey, not tonight" syndrome (a.k.a. low sex drive), health experts say you’re not alone. Release your knee to the ground. It’s estimated that as many as 40 million women in the United States suffer with a waning libido. Support with a blanket in case you need to. Listed below are 10 of the most common–and surprising–reasons why your sex drive may have taken a nosedive, and also how to get your groove back.

As you inhale, lift both of your hands towards the sky. Sex Push Stealer #1: Messy Bedroom. As you exhale, hinge out of the hips and bend towards your extended foot. What does your bedroom look like at this time? Is the bed unmade? Are your dressers stacked high with magazines, books and dust? Previous research has connected bedroom clutter with unhappiness and mild depression, but some experts consider it a step farther and say that a messy bedroom could be the cause of a lackluster sex drive. "We do understand that girls, more so than men, are prone to cognitive distractions–considering other things in ways that interfere with gender," says Debby Herbenick, PhD, author of Because It Feels Good: A Woman’s Guide to Sexual Pleasure and Satisfaction.

Try to bring your chin to your knee. A messy bedroom could increase such cognitive distractions. "It could make you believe ’I must really get new curtains’ or’ ’Look at that stack of billsI hope I already paid the electrical! "Mess is a reminder of all the items we harbor ’t done yet. If you’re able to, clasp your hand around your foot. This can greatly interfere with a sense of calm, which can help girls to relax, focus solely on their feelings of love and want, then get in the mood for sex. " If you can’t, bend as far as possible and continue for your acting male enhancement pills How to Feel Sexy Again: Tackle the clutter, and other distracting things on your boudoir. "If you and your spouse watch a lot of TV, move it to the living area.

Stay in this position for 1 to 3 minutes. If there’s a stack of email or bills, place them in an area that you connect with function, not sex or sleep," urges Dr. Inhale and lift your arms overhead to return to sitting. Herbenick. 9. In case you’re unsure why your sex drive has tanked lately, consider this unexpected origin: repressed anger. The "bow pose" stretches your muscles at the groin and thighs while hammering the reproductive places. According to Pepper Schwartz, PhD, a psychologist and relationship specialist for, it’s among the biggest causes of low sex drive in women. Additionally, it’ll enhance your flexibility–and can make an intriguing sex position in the bedroom.

She says, "Girls who have a lot of feelings of anger toward their partner–if it’s ’s aggravation he didn’t help around the home or something more severe –don’t feel like having sex. Lay face down on your mat onto your tummy. Anger quashes all want. " Your feet should be hip-width apart and your arms at your sides. How to Feel Sexy Again: "Track down the source of the anger, and deal with it," advices Dr. Bend your knees in towards your back, grabbing the front of your feet with your hands.

Schwartz. Boost your upper body and pull up in your thighs at exactly the same moment. Whether it’s anger over his lack of compassion or the simple fact that he didn’t do the dishes last night, "don’t let anger become poisonous to your relationship. " Your torso and knees should both be lifted off the ground, while your pelvis remains grounded. Sex Push Stealer #3: Perfectionism. While posing, take a few deep breaths. After all, how can you be? There’s unfolded laundry stacked on the bed, you just got back from the gym (and harbor ’t even showered yet) and the infant is probably going to wake up for his 9 sexual enhancement pills feeding any second. The deeper the breath, the more it will stimulate your pelvis.

Sound familiar? "Perfectionism places a massive burden on gender drive," says Elizabeth Lombardo, PhD, MS, PT, a psychologist and physical therapist in Dallas. "A perfectionist thinks she needs to look and smell perfect, her mate has to be perfect and the surroundings has to be perfect. " Here’s the problem: "This condition of perfection, of course, is hopeless," she continues. "Because of this, the perfectionist is stressed out about the flaws as opposed to enjoying time with her spouse. " Exhale as you release from the pose. How to Feel Sexy Again: "Give yourself, and your spouse, a fracture," says Dr. Repeat 2 or three times.

Lombardo. "Make your aim to have fun and revel in intimacy rather than have it be perfect. Bonus: Work out with your spouse. This ’s all he needs from you, after all. " Getting your heart rate up together can help bring you closer to one another. Sex Push Stealer #4: The Economy.

Partners that work out collectively see that they’ve an improved sex life in the bedroom too. Could it really be possible that the recession has entered. . .your bedroom? Indeed, says Dr. This is likely because of improved self-confidence, controlled hormones, endorphin release, and all those fantastic advantages from working out.

Lombardosaid Call it a ro-cession (love downturn ) if you like, but the truth is, financial worries can have serious impacts on libido. "Worry can deplete any sex drive, and it doesn’t have to be about the relationship or sex," explains Dr. However, more than that, couples who work out collectively connect on a concrete level outside the bedroom. Lombardo. "Lately, a lot of my customers who are concerned about the market, losing their jobs, or not having the ability to retire when they had planned will also be complaining of having no need for physical intimacy.stamina tablet for man

This connection translates back to the bedroom well. Research shows stress and worry top the causes for low sex drive. " This is particularly true for yoga. How to Feel Sexy Again: If you may ’t make your worries go away, says Dr. One study discovered that "spouse yoga may help couples who are struggling with erectile dysfunction. " Lombardo best penis enlargement product, attempt to get a handle on these at least. Bottom line.

Rather than lying in bed at night considering how much money you lost in the stock market or if you’re going to be able to make your house payment, then tell yourself you’re only permitted to be worried at certain times of the day. "Schedule some time to stress," she says. "This might seem strange, but research indicates that doing this will actually reduce your stressing. " She adds, "Physical intimacy is a great way to fight stress and anxiety. " So consider sex as a form of therapy. The aforementioned 9 exercises and poses may set you on a track of sexual health that will make you looking, feeling, and being the very vigorous you in years. Was your home broken into last year? Can a close relative die lately? Are you still feeling the effects of a traumatic arrival –weeks, years after? "While trauma may have happened previously, it can continue to affect you, and your sex drive," says Dr. Say goodbye to ED (and hello to exercise). Lombardo. Desire a more detailed look in erectile dysfunction’s causes, treatments, and natural solutions?

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