My College Admissions Essay: Stanford University (Long Essay)

who so would be a man must be a nonconformist has to become a maxim that continues to guide my life those words written by Emerson have invoked in me a power and truth that has enabled me to escape the confinements of societal and cultural limitations and restrictions Emerson’s words have encouraged me to succeed beyond expectations and challenged the status quo by convicting my soul to discover and only be Victoria Asbury judgments regarding my success in future based upon the conditions I have been subjected to and have no control over what reflected dismal future I’m a young black girl product of a single mother household living in financial instability statistically the odds are against me statistics as well as my own personal first-hand observation paint a picture of economic deprivation and dependence that will not be my future only those who take it upon themselves to look at my character my integrity my willingness my drive my promise to fulfill my potential the greatness I possess would be able to dispel such notions of my failure failure is not an option I’m willing to accept I will not become a statistic I cannot nor what I want to change that I’m a young black girl or that I was not afforded the opportunity to be raised in a two-parent functional household but I do possess the power to shape my future a future that shall seem incomprehensible to the unsuspecting masses I’ve armed myself with the necessary artillery to survive in the world not as a statistic but as a successful individual who will rise to the top against all odds in my arsenal I have prophetic words stock piled high trust thyself envy is ignorance imitation is suicide society everywhere is in the conspiracy against the manhood of every one of its members for the last four years such prophets have continuously urged me to challenge real times I’ve maintained superior grades throughout my entire academic career I have demonstrated determination dedication and commitment to ventures that bring enjoyment to me while serving the community and others these accomplishments have not come easily I strive for perfection because I know the impact that will have on breaking the generational curse of complacency deprivation dependency and victimization I have been thrust into Emerson’s words have reassured me that the steps I have been taking to obtain my objectives and evolve into the young woman that I want to be rather than the individual who society says I should be are not in vain who so would be a man must be a nonconformist struck a chord deep in my soul that has and will forever guide me to being all that I desire to be

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